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Huawei Mate 70 Series: Cutting-Edge Camera, 3D Spatial Zoom, and New Kirin Chipset


The Huawei Mate 70 series, expected to launch towards the end of 2024, is rumored to bring significant enhancements, particularly in camera performance. Featuring a new Kirin chipset, the Mate 70 series is anticipated to deliver major improvements in imaging capabilities, surpassing the last three generations. In this article, we shall dive right into Huawei Mate 70 Series Camera Upgrades in further detail.

Huawei Mate 70 Series Camera Upgrades:

Major Camera Upgrades

People familiar with the development have shared that the Huawei Mate 70 series will have significant improvements in its camera hardware. Some versions of the phone will feature a 1-inch camera sensor made by OmniVision, which is said to be even better than the Sony IMX989 in certain aspects. Additionally, the phone will include a 50MP OV50K sensor, though it’s unclear what specific purpose it will serve.

Huawei Mate 70 Series Camera Upgrades

Last month, a leak suggested that the Mate 70 will offer a new 3D spatial zoom feature, providing a more immersive video and audio experience. The periscope camera on the phone will have upgraded lenses and a new variable aperture technology, enhancing its photography capabilities.

New Kirin Chipset and HarmonyOS NEXT

The upcoming Mate 70 series will be powered by a new Kirin chip with 5G support. This chip could be the Kirin 9100, expected to be unveiled later this year. The Mate 70 will also be the first device to feature Huawei’s self-developed operating system, HarmonyOS NEXT. According to rumors, the Kirin 9100 chip will perform somewhere between the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 and Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, offering impressive performance.

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