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Intel replaces Core ‘i’ Branding on mobile processors with Ultra & promises better power efficiency.


Since the announcement of Apple’s in-house silicon chipset M1, intel’s mobile CPU has looked outdated with its short battery life compared to 17 hours of battery life on the Apple Macbook featuring Apple silicon chipset. Whereas now Intel is expected to address the battery performance issue with its new Ultra processor. Therefore in this article, we will discuss the Intel Core Ultra processor along with its features highlights, and availability on devices.

Intel Core Ultra Specifications

Processor Cores/ThreadsCacheMax Clock speed
Base Power
H Processor
Intel Core Ultra 7 165H16/2224M5.0Ghz28W
Intel Core Ultra 7 155H16/2224M4.8GHz28W
Intel Core Ultra 5 135H14/1818M4.6GHz28W
Intel Core Ultra 5 125H14/1818M4.5Ghz28W
U Processor
Intel Core Ultra 7 165U12/1412M4.9Ghz15W
Intel Core Ultra 7 155U12/1412M4.8Ghz15W
Intel Core Ultra 5 135U12/1412M4.4Ghz15W
Intel Core Ultra 5 125U12/1412M4.3Ghz15W
H/U Processor for Q1 2024
Intel Core Ultra 9 185H16/2224M5.1Ghz45W
Intel Core Ultra 7 164U12/1412M4.8Ghz9W
Intel Core Ultra 5 134U12/1412M4.4Ghz9W

Intel Core Ultra Highlights

Intel during its AI event revealed details on the new Core Ultra chipset where now the core ‘i’ brand on the processor is replaced by Ultra for mobile processors. The new Ultra processor will be the part of Metor Lake lineup where Intel promises better power efficiency and performance.

Intel Ultra processor features

Similarly, as per Intel, its Core Ultra 7 165H chip offers an 11% improvement in multi-threading performance when compared to processors like Apple’s in-house M3 silicon, AMD Ryzen 7 7840U & Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx Gen 3. Likewise, the Intel Core Ultra 7 165H gets a 25% reduction in power consumption when compared to Intel’s previous Core i7-1370P.

One of the highlighting features of the new Intel Ultra processor is its new 2 low-power LP-E cores that live on the chip’s ‘low power island’. This new section is designed to handle less demanding workloads for increased efficiency. Whereas the new Xe LPG architecture allows for increased performance at a lower minimum voltage.

Intel Core Ultra 9/7/5

The Intel Core Ultra 9 185H will be available from 2024 Q1 with 16 cores & 22 threads which gets a 6-performance core, 8 efficiency core, and the new 2 LP E-core. Likewise, the Intel Core Ultra 7/5 is already available whereas few brands have announced their laptop with Core Ultra processor.

Intel Ultra processor

Talking Intel Core Ultra 7 165H gets a total of 16 cores and 22 threads where 6 cores are performance, 8 are efficiency and 2 are new LP E cores. Similarly the Intel Core Ultra 5 135H packs 14 core/18 threads where 4 core performance, 8 are efficiency and 2 are again the new LP E cores.

Whereas all H-series processors of Intel core Ultra 9/8/7& 5 will be packing Intel’s Arc GPU with up to 8 cores & up to 2.3Ghz max GPU frequency. And all the U-series processors will only get an Intel Graphics.

Availability of laptops with Intel Core Ultra processor

A few brands like Samsung have already announced their brand new laptops Book 4 Pro series, Galaxy Book 4 Ultra, and more with Intel Core Ultra processors whereas brands such as Lenovo, MSI, Acer, and Asus also launching their laptops with the new processor.

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