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“Own Your Dream Samsung Galaxy Phone with Ease: Instant Finance Now Requires Only Your Citizenship!”


Samsung Nepal has introduced a convenient and hassle-free way for customers to upgrade to the latest Galaxy smartphones with the launch of the Insta Finance service. This service, initiated last year, offers customers the opportunity to acquire new Galaxy devices at 0% interest EMI. In this article, we shall discuss more on Samsung Insta Finance Facility and Trade-in benefits.

Samsung Insta Finance Facility:

Simplifying the process even further, Samsung Nepal has recently announced that the only requirement for eligibility is the citizenship of the customer and their guarantor. This streamlined approach eliminates the need for extensive documentation previously required. Now, with just their citizenship and two passport-sized photos each, customers and their guarantors can swiftly obtain any Galaxy smartphone priced NPR 20,000 and above within an hour of application. This service is accessible through Authorized Samsung Insta Finance Stores located in the district where the citizenship was issued, ensuring accessibility for all eligible customers.

Samsung Insta Finance Facility
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Trade-in benefits:

Alongside the Insta Finance service, Samsung Nepal has also introduced Enhanced Trade-in Benefits, allowing customers to exchange their old devices for the latest Galaxy S24 Series smartphones. This promotion is available through various trade partners, including Arkostore and SabKo Phone, until April 30th, 2024.

Customers availing of this trade-in offer will receive an additional bonus in the valuation of their old Samsung S, N, or Z Series smartphones, as well as any Apple smartphones. Specifically, trading in an old Samsung S, N, or Z Series device or any Apple smartphone will yield a bonus of NPR 5,000. For those trading in a Samsung Galaxy A or M series smartphone, a bonus of NPR 3,000 is provided.

This initiative not only encourages customers to upgrade to the latest Galaxy smartphones but also promotes sustainability by incentivizing the recycling of old devices. It provides an affordable and environmentally friendly option for consumers while ensuring they have access to cutting-edge technology.


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