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Top upcoming smartphones to the lookout in 2023


2022 was truly a fascinating year!! We got to see some amazing launches and a range of smartphones from premium flagships to affordable mid-ranges. Well looking forward to the upcoming year 2023, we think it’s safe to say that we won’t be disappointed. So in this article, we are presenting our guide on the Top upcoming smartphones in 2023. 

Smartphones in 2022:

Looking at the trends of smartphones in 2022, the year was all about smarter and faster technology upgrades. From trendy foldable, the rise of the 5G variant, lighter classy designs, big displays, the competition of faster-charging technology and so much more. 

Big names on flagships include the apple 14 series, Galaxy S22 series, google pixel series, Galaxy Z fold and flip series, Mi 12 Pro, and other launches. There were quite many mid-ranger and affordable launches that didn’t disappoint as well. 

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Top smartphones coming in 2023:

Samsung S23 series :

Samsung galaxy S23 series

The leaks keep pouring and the S23 series seems to be arriving soon, including the Galaxy S23, the Galaxy S23 Plus, and even the Galaxy S23 Ultra. The upcoming series this time might feature minor upgrades likely except for some leaked changes like the snapdragon chipset. The Samsung S23 series will be featuring the snapdragon 8 Gen 2 exclusively. 

Likewise, there might be similar designs of the new models to the previous S22 series processors. Moreover, the Galaxy S23 ultra is supposedly reported to be featuring a 200MP of camera with all three models featuring the same 12-megapixel front camera.

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iPhone 15 series :

iPhone 15 series

iPhone is definitely a must on the list, and we can’t wait to see what the next series brings to the table. Based on the previous release records, the launch will happen in September but as for now, we can’t make direct assumptions. 

With leaks already pouring about the USB type C interface being switched from the lightning ports, the series might be the first iPhone to be featured. Similarly, there are rumors that the iPhone 15 ultra will have 8k of video recording with Dynamic Island’s blueprint for design. 

The iPhone series might also have soft corners similar to the iPhone 5c.

Galaxy Z Fold & Flip 5 : 

galaxy flip and fold 5

We’re expecting one of the game changers in terms of fold and flip phones galaxy Z fold and flip series to come back next year as well. There have been a few leaks on the galaxy Z flip 5 to come with a larger 3-inch cover display. The design will include different hinge designs, to make it less visible.

There haven’t been many leaks revolving around the fold and flip series. But stay updated for the exciting release.

Google Pixel fold:

pixel fold

The google pixel fold has been rumored for the upcoming year and the foldable smartphone has many specs leaked as well. Both internal and external screens might feature Samsung-made displays. Likewise, we can see a primary 64mp camera and an 8MP IMX355 sensor for the inner camera.

The google pixel fold might likely be powered by a Tensor chipset similar to the hardware of the Pixel 6. The phone will support 120hz as per the source.

Oneplus 11 series :

Oneplus 11 series

Moving on we have the One plus 11 series flagship that is awaited next year as well. The one plus 11 series is expected to have a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset and will run the latest Android 13 operating system out-of-the-box.

The One Plus 11 series might feature a 50MP main camera, a 48MP ultra-wide-angle shooter, and a 32MP telephoto with 2x zoom.

Huwaei P60 series: 

Huawei P60 series

The Huwaei P60 series is a must anticipated series, especially in terms of photography and the new launch is expected to provide powerful camera performances as well. The series is anticipated to debut with the vanilla model, Pro, and Pro plus as well. 

The Pro Plus model is expected to feature five rear cameras with the main primary sensor having 200 MP. The P60 Pro might also come packed with a quartet set of some properly powerful camera kits as well. It will be lightweight and sleek-looking and comes in various colors.

What trends can we see by 2023??

By 2023, we can expect a lot of trends of 2022 to gain global adoption. Foldables are gaining the market and can be affordable as well. Similarly, AI (Artificial intelligence) is gaining popularity for customization and optimization and will be a must for advanced user experience. 

Talking about app customization, super apps are no less and started to gain talk as well. Super apps offer a complete experience including additional features even in a specific based app to avoid numerous app chaos. This system will also affect mobile users with the core app taking extra security measures to secure individuals’ data and avoid service disasters on mini-apps

Now 2023, might take a leap in mobile virtuality, a long-term experiment that is evolving slowly over time. IDtechex predicts three predictions in augmented and virtual reality. But mainly the XR and VR headsets will gain and adopt the market even if the growth is slow. 

And lastly, we believe digital growth will be the overall improvement this year. Smartphones will have internet, and we predict more digital payment and commerce globalization.

So are you excited about the 2023 launches and releases? Do share with us in the comment section what you’re looking forward to the most.

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