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Europe and India making decisions on mandatory USB type C ports


The Europe union has made some huge steps regarding e-waste management, now USB type C ports are going to be made mandatory for all the union member countries on all devices by 2024. The rule indicates that not just smartphones, but laptops, tablets, digital cameras, and other devices must maintain the use of USB-C ports.

The decision isn’t quite a hustle for many smartphone brands because a lot of androids and  OEMs are featured with USB-C ports already. However, this might be a problem for apple users. As we know, Apple has its iconic own lightning charging ports which don’t come under USB C ports. But Since Europe is a huge market for a leading brand like Apple, now we wait for changes and further information from the brand. 

Now, our neighbouring country is also looking at the possibilities of implementing the rule. It is seen that the Indian government will also support this step adopted by Europe. For that, last Wednesday, India’s Ministry of Consumer Affairs, telecommunication regulatory bodies, mobile manufacturing companies, and related organizations held discussions. 

What about Nepal?

In the context of Nepal, the chairman of the regulatory Nepal Telecommunication Authority, Purushottam Khanal states that there aren’t any steps on USB type C ports encouraged to implement in Nepal.

He states:

“Although we have not entered the issue of making Type-C mandatory, we have included the issue of testing the quality of batteries and chargers in this year’s budget.

“Electrical waste management is also in our main plan this year. In this process, the matter of making the charger a single one can be included.”

What do you think of these ideas for e-management? Do you think a single type charger will help on reducing electronic waste? And should these be implemented in Nepal? Share your thoughts in the comment section. 


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