vianet hacked

Vianet Cumoter’s Data has been Leaked by Hacker

In a serious data leak incident in Vianet’s customer information system, data of more than 1,70,000 Vianet customers has been leaked. This is the second such breach of customer data after the Foodmandu data leak this month.

The hacker has leaked the data through a post via twitter handle “नरपिचास” (@paapi_kto_mah). The post contains a link to the data dump which contains Full Name, Location Addresses, Mobile Numbers and Email of the Vianet customers, hosted on the dark web. The data can be accessed via the TOR browser. At present, the account handle and its posts have been brought down by twitter.

The Vianet also released in which the company has claimed that the source of breach has been identified and fixed. Furthermore, it says that additional security measures are being applied to reinforce any other vulnerabilities which might be present in the system.

The company also requests its customers to follow precaution and safety measures to protect themselves in the future. If you are a Vianet customer, it is necessary to take these proper measures to save yourself from any further harm.

This is what Vianet recommends you to follow to protect yourself:

  1. Do not entertain unknown calls, emails, and SMS
  2. Verify that the numbers are calling from Vianet (980146410, 01-4217555,  01-5970444)
  3. Check if the emails you receive are from the domain ‘’
  4. In case of any issue, contact Vianet via the above phone numbers and email or through Facebook chat support (
  5. We also recommend you to change existing passwords linked to your Vianet account

The data breach in the Vianet has shown that data security and privacy measures may not be up to the mark in the tech companies. We can only hope that the other companies have learned their lesson from this second breach and taken measures to prevent them.