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Vianet Launched Ultra-Fi Products With Three Cheapest Internet Plans


Vianet is a leading Internet and TV solution provider in Nepal and has been offering its customers new and innovative internet solutions for both personal and professional usages.

The ISP has been coming up with many different plans in order to satisfy its users. In recent years, Vianet has been one of the top Internet service providers in the context of Nepal. Yet again, the ISP has launched its new Ultra-Fi Plan for its users. The new plan has come with a motive of providing the fastest internet to the users at the lowest price. Also, it is Vianet’s plan to offer ultra experience, ultra entertainment, ultra value.

Vianet Ultra-Fi plans:

Vianet’s ultra-fi campaign consists of three plans of 125 Mbps, 175 Mbps, and 250 Mbps respectively. With the new plans, you can get the experience of the fastest internet speed. Under these three plans, the Ultra-Fi 175Mbps is the major highlight as it comes with up to 2 ViaTV subscriptions at a low price under an annual subscription. Under this offer, Vianet offers free Internet installation, free first set-top-box, and Rs 1000 reward points on all of the packages. 

The other package of Ultra-Fi 125Mbps comes with one ViaTV subscription with a total cost of Rs 1100 under an annual subscription. 

Likewise, the Ultra-Fi 250Mbps is available with three ViaTV subscriptions with a total cost of Rs 1500 under an annual subscription.

vianet 5G router in Nepal

Since this ultra-fi campaign is a major upgrade for many Vianet users, Vianet has also started offering a 5GHz dual band router. It costs around Rs. 1000 and is a necessary as well as a powerful device to handle the speeds Vianet is offering.

Vianet Internet Plans

1 Month 3 Months 1 Year
Vianet Ultra-Fi 125 TV+ Rs 1,400 Rs 4,050 Rs 13,200 (Rs 1100 per month)
Vianet Ultra-Fi 175 2TV+ Rs 1,550 Rs 4,500 Rs 15,000(Rs 1250 per month)
Vianet Ultra-Fi 250 3TV+ Rs 1,900 Rs 5,550 Rs 18,000(Rs 1500 per month)


Vianet vs. Other ISPs

Comparing the price of Vianet Ultra-Fi with other fast Internet Service Providers like CGNet, we can see a clear benefit with taking the Vianet internet Ultra-Fi offer. Here, the offer is very cheap compared with other ISPs. Coming with an internet package along with a ViaTV subscription. Here is a table comparing Vianet with other Internet Service Providers.

Vianet CGNet Worldlink Dishhome
Speed 175Mbps 120Mbps 100Mbps 100Mbps
Price per year Rs 15,000 Rs 11,988 Rs 19,200 Rs 18,499
Dual-Band WiFi ONU Rs. 1,000 Free Free Free
TV Installation Charge Free


Free Free


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