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Introducing “Asta Wolf” – Nepal’s finest tech accessory brand.


Still confused about where to buy cool and reliable tech accessories? Now worry not cause “Asta Wolf“, a Nepalese tech company is finally here to cater to all your tech accessory needs. Asta Wolf is a Nepalese tech brand founded by Mr. Krishna Modi and Mr. Ashish Agrawal, both of whom have strong enthusiasm for technology and have twenty years of combined industry experience.

Asta Wolf

Asta Wolf has been created with a vision to create a brand that would revolutionize the tech accessories industry offering innovative and high-quality products tailored to the needs of both tech enthusiasts and everyday consumers.

The co-founders’ commitment to fusing creativity and usefulness has produced goods that reflect their love of technology and appeal to buyers looking for high-end accessories. Asta Wolf is dedicated to servicing Nepalese clients and has done so by introducing adjustments that showcase the beauty of Nepal and its language, giving each user a special and catered experience. Users can purchase these devices via Daraj and Asta Wolf’s website.

Products offered by Asta Wolf

Asta Wolf’s extensive range of tech offerings, spanning neckbands, wireless earphones, smartwatches, power banks, data cables, chargers, earbuds, and speakers, comes in a diverse spectrum of colors and price ranges. This impressive product lineup is a testament to the founders’ profound expertise and hands-on experience in the field, enabling them to deliver a multifaceted tech collection. Below we would further address all the products the tech company has to offer.

  • Chargers(Wall and Car):
    • Bolt Wall Charger, Price: NRS 750
    • ION – Wall Charger, Price: NRS 675
    • Brick-Wall charger, Price: NRS 375
    • LEAF – Wall Charger, Price: NRS 1250
    • Drift – Car Charger, Price: NRS 990
Asta Wolf
  • Data Cables:
    • BEAM Lightning DC, Price: NRS 275
    • Beam Micro, Price: NRS 175
    • Beam TYPE C, Price: NRS 250
    • FLASH LIGHTENING, Price: NRS 375
    • FLASH MICRO, Price: NRS 280
    • FLASH TYPE C, Price: NRS 350
    • HYPER LIGHTENING, Price: NRS 850
    • HYPER TYPE C, Price: NRS 490
    • HYPER TYPE C PD, Price: NRS 700

Aside from chargers and data cables, Asta Wolf also has a wide range of high-quality wired earphones in their collection as well.

  • Earphones:
    • FLAME, Price: NRS 675
    • HOWL, Price: NRS 630
    • JAZZ, Price: NRS 490
    • MELODY, Price: NRS 375
    • RHYTM, Price: NRS 420
    • ROAR in TYPE C, 3.5mm Jack and Lightening, Price: NRS 850
    • STRING, Price: NRS 310
  • Neckbands, Price: NRS 1890

While you’re on the go, grab an Asta Wolf power bank to make sure you’re well charged up for the rest of the trip.

  • Powerbanks:
    • BOLD Powerbank, Price: NRS 1960
    • Bold Utra Powerbank, Price: NRS 2790
    • BOSS Powerbank, Price: NRS 2050
    • PROTON Powerbank, Price: NRS 2090
    • Proton Ultra Powerbank, Price: NRS 2940

For health-conscious individuals and for those who like an extra bit of functionality on their wrist, Asta Wolf offers these options from which users can select one based on their needs.

  • Smartwatches:
    • MOON Smartwatch, Price: NRS 2450
    • PHOENIX Smartwatch, Price: NRS 4190
    • THOR Smartwatch, Price: NRS 5290
Asta Wolf

Whether it’s a backyard party or simply chilling in your own space, these Asta Wolf speakers surely are one of a kind.

  • Speakers:
    • Banger Speaker, Price: NRS 1990
    • Retro Speaker, Price: NRS 2800
    • RETRO ULTRA Speaker, Price: NRS 3850
    • TANK Speaker, Price: NRS 2990
Asta Wolf
  • Wireless Earbuds:
    • Beast Wireless Earbuds, Price: NRS 4190
    • ERA Wireless Earbuds, Price: NRS 2390
    • FLY Wireless Earbuds, Price: NRS 1970
    • ROCK Wireless Earbuds, Price: NRS 2890
    • SLEEK Wireless Earbuds, Price: NRS 1990
    • SONIC Wireless Earbuds, Price: NRS 2790
    • Warrior Wireless Earbuds, Price: NRS 2990
Asta Wolf

At the core of Asta Wolf’s ethos lies an unyielding dedication to quality and the contentment of its customers. Each product goes through meticulous testing processes, adhering to the most elevated benchmarks, in order to guarantee a flawless and gratifying user experience.

Moreover, the brand showcases its unwavering commitment to customer well-being by presenting a comprehensive 6-month warranty across its entire product line, coupled with a free replacement policy. These initiatives collectively underscore Asta Wolf’s commitment to delivering an unparalleled customer journey.

Offers on “Asta Wolf”

With an unwavering emphasis on providing optimal value to their clientele, Asta Wolf has unveiled remarkable discounts of up to 30%, accompanied by an extra cost reduction facilitated through the utilization of the coupon code “ALPHA88” on their online platforms. This enticing offer is set to remain valid exclusively for the LAUNCH DAY, reflecting Asta Wolf’s commitment to enhancing the purchasing experience for its customers.


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