Audient EVO 4: Start your recording journey with the budget Audio Interface


When you look for budget audio interfaces in Nepal, you might see many rip-offs and very few budget options. Audient EVO is the budget-inclined series from Audient providing great value for money products. EVO 4 is a value-for-money product with great functionality, free software bundles, and other features at a meager price. Let’s head into the article to discuss the specs, features, and EVO 4 Price in Nepal.

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EVO 4 Overview

The EVO 4 USB Audio interface comes packed with professional components delivering high-quality performance on even a tight budget. EVO 4 comes with a 2 in/2 out channel with microphone combi back inputs on the back. The two EVO preamps offer a 58dB of gain range, and the high-performance converters give 113dB of dynamic range. On the other hand, you have a JFET instrument input to plug in your guitar and start recording right away.

EVO 4 Price in Nepal EVO 4 also features a smart gain mode helping you to record on a perfect gain setting without all the hassle of manually setting the input levels. With the switch for +48V phantom power, you can really boat your microphone to give you all the power they need. EVO 4 really is easy and feels effortless with smart touchpoints, monitor mix, and software controls. The best part is you don’t have to spend extra on the software as you get bundled software collection.

The Audient EVO 4 is also great for streamers and podcasters. The Audio loop-back feature enables them to record the computer audio and the microphone simultaneously. You can record the computer audio, skype/video calls, and gaming audio with the EVO 4.

EVO 4 Price in Nepal

EVO 4 Price in Nepal and Availability

Audient EVO 4 is one of the best budget audio interfaces you can get in Nepal. With minimalistic design and modern aesthetics, the EVO4 also looks very appealing. The budget audio interface, EVO 4 price in Nepal is Rs.16,500. You can buy the EVO 4 through DeepMusic, the authorized distributor of Audient in Nepal.

ModelPrice in Nepal
EVO 4 Audio InterfaceRs. 16,500
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