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YesCart Exclusively launched a Folding Portable Treadmill in Nepal

YesCart is a venture from IoT Incorporation Pvt. Ltd, which is itself a subsidiary of Sharda Group. YesCart has been started with a vision to contribute to Nepal’s economy’s digital transformation by bridging the gap between customers and merchants in this pandemic environment through seamless and easy online purchase and delivery. YesCart has exclusively launched King Smith R1 Walking Pad/Treadmill in Nepal. 

YesCart has launched the King Smith Walking pad exclusively at an introductory price. The Walking pad may launch on another e-commerce platform too, but you might not get the same introductory as provided by YesCart. 

King Smith R1 Walking Pad Price in Nepal

King Smith R1 Walking Pad/Treadmill Overview 


Due to the pandemic, working out at home has become very common nowadays. King Smith R1 takes your indoor experience to next level. The foldable form factor of the King Smith R1 Walking Pad will save you 90% of space compared to normal treadmills. Due to the fact that it is just 15cm thick, it can easily be stored under the bed, under a sofa, or next to an empty wall area. The build quality is also quite commendable.

Even after its compact design, Kingsmith WalkingPad R1 has two modes of use: on the one hand, it includes a walking mode, with a maximum speed of 6km/h, and a running mode, with a maximum of 10km/h. Apart from these two modes, Kingsmith WalkingPad R1 Folding Treadmill can be controlled in 3 different ways, including a manual and an automatic mode.

Within the manual mode, you have the option to adjust the parameters of use through the included remote control or your smartphone through the KingSmith Fit APP.

King Smith R1 Walking Pad Price in Nepal

However, with the automatic mode, it will be your own pace that adapts the speed, which works thanks to a high-precision sensor. This sensor measures both the position and the rhythm of the user, which increases the speed if it notices that you are too far ahead and decreases it when you are too far behind.

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King Smith R1 Walking Pad/Treadmill Specification 

Dimensions (unfolded) 150 x 72 x 90 cm
Dimensions (folded) 98 x 72 x 15.5 cm
Dimensions of the tape area 120 x 44 cm
Weight 33kg
Colour Silver / Black
Maximum load supported 100kg
Maximum power 2CV
APP KingSmith Fit

King Smith R1 Walking Pad Price in Nepal 

As of now, King Smith R1 Walking Pad is exclusively launched in Nepal via Yes Cart. The introductory price of the King Smith R1 Walking Pad in Nepal is Rs. 69,990.00. You can order it directly via the Yes Cart Website. 


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