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Likhit — A Useful Guide App For Driving Licence


Are you planning to get your driving licence soon in Nepal ? If you are preparing for your licence written exam and your trials then Android has a useful app for you. Likhit (लिखित) developed by Vedamic Technologies is an app that will guide you along the way to prepare for your driving license written as well as trial exam of Nepal. Before you get your licence, it is important that you know about Traffic Rules and Regulations and other important factors that will help you to drive safe. This app has many features that you will find useful for your trial as well as road safety.

Category based questions

Likhit has questions and answers that you are likely to be asked when you give your written exam. The questions are arranged on different categories which will give you brief knowledge about each topic. The categories and again divided into two groups — Group A being the reading section and Group B being the practice section.Traffic rules, First Aids, Pollution and so on are some of the categories included in the Question/Answer section of the App.

Questions Category

Mock Exam

The mock exam is a very useful feature of this app. It helps you get prepared for your written exam. The mock exam consists of a 25 minute test with 18 questions. Each question consists of 4 options like that of the original test. At the end of the test, you can submit your papers and it will present you your answers with scores. Completing the mock exam will give you the idea of how the real test is going to be like. It will also help you practice and raise your confidence.

Mock exam

Transport Offices and Sample Forms

The app consists of transport management offices of different Zones with their contact information and locations. It also consists of the available emails and websites. This feature will help you to find the nearest department from your location and also give you their contact details. Likhit also consist of Sample Forms which you can download. The Sample forms cannot be used to fill up but it will give you the information that you will need to fill in the original form.

Transport Offices

Driving Centers

The Driving Centers is another useful feature which you can use to find the nearest location of driving center. You can select your Zone and it will give you the list of Driving schools and center with their contact details. A side icon of either Bike or Car will give you information about the vehicle class available in the respective schools/centers . A car icon will represent driving center for four wheeler and a bike icon represents driving center for two wheeler.

Driving Centers

Manual and Other notes

In this section, different side notes of driving are included. It contains the knowledge of traffic symbols, knowledge regarding First Aid, important notices and so on. This feature will give you the general knowledge about driving, road accidents, traffic management and others. It also provides the information about vehicle trials and how it is conducted. Other note includes procedure to apply driving licence, vehicle tax, punishments for breaking the rule and about different vehicle parts.


In conclusion, Likhit is a very useful app to guide you through the troubles before applying or getting your licence. It has all the valuable information that you will need when you appear for written as well as trial exam in Nepal. It is a must have app for licence holders too since it also gives you updated information about Traffic rules and signs. This app requires an internet connection. Tell us what you think about this app in the comments section.

CLICK HERE to download Likhit (लिखित) .


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