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PUBG Mobile version 2.2 brings a new map and game mode


Good news for all the PUBG players throughout the world! It has now announced a new version of PUBG 2.2 to get release tomorrow. PUBG is a battle royale game developed by PUBG studios and is a subsidiary of Krafton. 

This new update will give you brand new features such as a new game mode, visual changes to the environment, cosmetics, and updated locations of the already existing Erangel map. The main highlight of this updated version is the inclusion of the new map. This new map is known as Nusa and it’s a tropical paradise island, which sounds similar to call of duty. 

PUBG mobile version update

This new map takes place on a tropical island and will offer an abundance of supplies for players to pick up right away. This island will be a small 1*1 km map and due to its size, a new Super Recall mechanic has been introduced. That will respawns players who have been eliminated previously in the game as long as they have surviving teammates. But if they are playing solo, they will automatically respawn. Whereas, for Erangel, you will find additional spots and visual changes to some things in the environment. 

This new update will also inaugurate a new mode called Gear Front Mode. It will be available on all maps and offers you a new traverse and different supply options such as medicine, tokens, and military supplies. Gear front mode is a themed mode that delivers you fast-paced gunfights, more enemy encounters, new skills, and quicker map traversal.

Furthermore, the two new characters will also get introduced in this new 2.2 update. The two new players which are set to release are Spectral Swan and Cosmic Inquisitor. So, how many of you are excited about the new update of PUBG? Let us know down below in the comment section. 

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