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NCELL data packs: Latest offers 2021

NCELL is the second-largest telecom service provider in Nepal. With excellent service, it provides various services for its users. According to the sources, NCELL is the fastest mobile internet provider among other Nepali sim users. With the data service, NCELL provides various kinds of offers with different packs. 

Today, we will be talking about different packs and offers provided by NCELL to the user who might prove to be useful.

ncell data packs

NCELL data packs:

All-time data packs:


With all-time packs, you can browse and use your favorite service in any network. All-time data pack provides the user with a total of 8 different offers with the data packs. From 150 MB to 1 GB per day for 30 days, NCELL has categorized the offer according to the price rate. The 1GB, every day for 30 days service, is applicable only for prepaid users.

All-time data packs price Validity Subscription
150 MB Rs 18 1 Day *17123#6#
400 MB Rs 42 3 Days *17123#6#
1.5 GB Rs 98 7 Days *17123#6#
2 GB Rs139 14 Days *17123#6#
3.5 GB Rs 429 30 Days *17123#6#
6 GB Rs 399 30 Days *17123#6#
10 GB Rs 499 30 Days *17123#6#
1GB per day for 30 days Rs 799 30 Days *17123#6#


NCELL provides its user with this exclusive offer of an always-on data pack. This pack will give you an all-time volume and additional bonus volume that can be used from 11 PM night till morning 11 AM. Likewise,  if all the volume is consumed and if you don’t have any other package for the internet, it is stopped as the main balance is not used until the packs’ validity. 

Always On:

Ncell data packs

Always-On Volume(11am-11pm) price Validity subscription
256 MB 768 MB Rs 26 1 Day *17123#
400 MB 1200 MB Rs 47 3 Day  *17123#

NCELL users are benefited from the 4G pack providing an exclusive 4G networking system; 2 offers are provided with the 4G pack making it easier for the user to use the network according to their wants.

4G Packs:

4G Packs price validity subscription
40 MB  Rs 12 1 day *17123#1#
120 MB  Rs 37  3 days  *17123#1#

NCELL provides a 1-hour pack subscription offer. With one hour pack, you can use a 1-hour nonstop internet package.

1 Hour Pack:

1-hour pack price validity subscription
1 hour Rs 22 1 hr *17123#2#

Social packs:

Social media is quite popular these days. For instance, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok are helping people for their entertainment purpose. Considering these things, NCELL has come up with an exclusive plan for a social media pack. Volumes of this pack are summarized below:

Social media price Total volume(fb+yt+tiktok) validity subscription
Social 7days 109 1 GB per day 7 days *17123#8#
Social 10days 147 1 GB per day 10 days *17123#8#
Social 30 days 459 1.5 GB per day 30 days  *17123#8#

New payG rates:

Weekly PayG spends (Rs.) Price per MB (excl. taxes) Govt. Taxes Total Price

(Incl. taxes)

0 to 20 Rs 2 0.55 Rs 2.55 *17123#
20 to 40  Rs 1 0.28 Rs 1.28 *17123#
40 and above Rs 0.40 0.11 Rs 0.51 *17123#

Nonstop offers:

  • Nonstop Facebook:

    Facebook usage validity price subscription
    As much as you can 1 day Rs31 *17123#1#2#
    As much as you can 7 days Rs 127 *17123#1#2#
    As much as you can 30 days Rs 459 *17123#1#2#
  • Nonstop YouTube:

    YouTube usage validity price subscription
    As much as you can 1 day Rs31 *17123#1#1#
    As much as you can 7 days Rs 127 *17123#1#1#
    As much as you can 30 days Rs 459 *17123#1#1#

    Nonstop Facebook and YouTube:

Facebook and YouTube usage validity price subscription
As much as you can 7 days Rs 191 *17123#1#4#


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