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“Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Series: What We Know So Far”


Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Watch 7 series has been a subject of much anticipation, with leaks and rumors providing glimpses into what we can expect. Recently, a leak hinted at the integration of the Exynos W940 processor in the smartwatch. Now, a fresh report from SamMobile has shed further light on Samsung’s plans, suggesting that the company is set to introduce three models in the Galaxy Watch 7 lineup. In this article, we shall discuss more on Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 series leaks and more.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 series leaks:

Samsung is changing things up with its Galaxy Watch lineup, planning to offer three different models instead of the usual two. These new watches might also have different names than before, although we don’t know what they’ll be called just yet. Rumors say the watches will have new model numbers too. The basic one might be called SM-L300 or SM-L305, while the mid-range version could be SM-L310 or SM-L315. The fanciest model might have numbers like SM-L700 or SM-L705. Some versions, ending in “5,” might even let you use a SIM card for calls and data.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 series leaks

What’s more, Samsung is reportedly doubling the amount of storage space in these new watches, going from 16GB to 32GB. This means you’ll have more room for apps, watch faces, and music that you can listen to even when you’re not connected to your phone.

On the software side, these watches are expected to run Wear OS 5, which is based on Android 14. This should make them smoother and more user-friendly. The new Galaxy Watch 7 series is likely to be unveiled at Samsung’s big event in July 2024, along with other exciting gadgets like the Galaxy Ring, foldable phone and the next version of Galaxy Buds. So, if you’re in the market for a new smartwatch, it might be worth waiting to see what Samsung has in store.

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