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Xiaomi beats Apple to claim the 3rd position in Global Smartphone Market


The Global Pandemic had taken a toll on almost all businesses around the world. The Global Smartphone Market also took a hit. The year-on-year growth is still in a deficit, but from Q2 2020 to Q3 2020 market has grown by a whopping 32%.

As per reports, the Global Smartphone Market has finally returned to a recovering phase because of the increased demands in critical markets such as the United States, India, and Latin America. Different countries are also opening up talking about necessary precautions from the COVID-19 restrictions.

Top smartphone brands Q3 2020

Global Smartphone Market Q3 2020

The Global Smartphone Market in Q3 2020 seems to be better for smartphone companies. Samsung has been able to maintain its top position with a 22% market share. Things seem to be going better for Samsung with 2% year-on-year growth and a health 47% growth from the last quarter. However, Samsung also dethroned Xiaomi in the Indian Market to become the leading smartphone brand.

The second position is for Huawei, who seems to suffer because of the United States’ restrictions with a 4% decline, with only 14% of the market share. In terms of shipments, Huawei faced a 24% decline than the last year with a 7% decline than the last quarter.

Next up is, Xiaomi who has been gaining a lot of popularity in the Global and even the Nepali Market. Numbers also are in favor of Xiaomi, with a 5% increase in the market share. Xiaomi has surpassed Apple for the third position with a 13% market share. The year-on-year growth of Xiaomi is highest than any other smartphone brand with a 46% year-on-year growth. In the third quarter too, Xiaomi has been able to enjoy a growth of a whopping 75%. Talking about the Nepali and the Indian Market, With its Redmi Note 9 series, Xiaomi has been doing exceptionally well.

In the fourth position in terms of market share, Apple had a 1% drop with an 11% market share. The year-on-year growth was also negative for apple with a 7% decline, but it managed to have an 11% growth from its last quarter.

Next up on the list are Oppo and Vivo, with both having an 8% market share. Oppo had a 4% decline in YoY growth and 26% quarterly growth. At the same time, Vivo had a slight 1% decline in YoY shipments but a respectable 38% quarterly growth. The impressive one on the list is Oppo-backed Realme on the list, with a 4% market share being the seventh leading smartphone brand globally. Realme had an enormous growth with 45% year-on-year growth and a huge 132% quarterly growth.

The report seems to be positive for two Chinese manufacturers, Xiaomi and Realme. Xiaomi had the highest YoY growth, whereas Realme had the highest quarterly growth. Xiaomi and Realme have been doing exceptionally well with their smartphones in the Nepali Market too. Mostly have been possible because of its mid-range value for money smartphones.

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