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YesCart – A brand new e-commerce site has been launched in Nepal


The E-commerce market is growing day by day in Nepal, as the internet is reaching the masses. Consumers are being able to access all the goodness of e-commerce sites. This has made it easy to not only shop online but also helped all the small businesses, who want to expand through online sales. Today we will be talking about a brand new player in the market, Yes Cart. YesCart has officially gone live and launched in Nepal from today, the 10th of September. 

YesCart is a venture from IoT Incorporation Pvt. Ltd, which is itself a subsidiary of Sharda Group. YesCart has been started with a vision to contribute to Nepal’s economy’s digital transformation by bridging the gap between customers and merchants in this pandemic environment through seamless and easy online purchase and delivery. 

Yes Cart Online Shopping

YesCart is an e-commerce website with the domain,  along with the website the brand will also be available via the Play Store on Android and App Store on iOS. YesCart has launched with a vision to not only buy online easily but also make it easier for merchants who want to sell their products online. A merchant on YesCart will have a dedicated Admin Panel with catalog management, seller back end portal, sales report, catalog management, customized campaign, and much more. 

Yes Cart Online Shopping

Not only on the merchant site but also for the customers YesCart brings features like loyalty bonus, fully secured payment integration, useful recommendation, search query, and more other benefits.  This close integration of merchant and customer integration will help YesCart to achieve its ambition of reaching daily orders count of 150+ with 8000 unique visitors before their tier 1 campaign. Which reaches 200+ orders and 20,000 unique visitors at their 1st tier 1st campaign and further till 50,000+ unique visitors till their 2nd tier campaign. 

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Yes Cart Online Shopping

YesCart has already tied up with various brands during their initial phases and we from Gadgets in Nepal wish all the very best to everyone at YesCart for their positive start. We hope to see some positive competition with other e-commerce in the country and an online shopping boom in Nepal too. You can sign up right now to win discount vouchers up to 10%, cash backs up to 20% when you pay online via Khalti, and also check out the website for exciting discounts and offers.

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