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Google releases the first Android 14 Developer Preview


After Android 13, Google released its first-ever preview look on the next OS Android 14. The android 14 first developer preview has been released with a new logo design. Similarly, the Android 14 OS is focused on several changes including improving device system health and offering more customization offers.

Android 14 developer preview

So the Android 14 preview as the name suggests that the version isn’t intended for regular use, but for developers to test out new features and how it supports. The new version is focused on tablets and foldable mainly as Google says Android 14 “builds on the work done in Android 12L and Android 13 to support tablets and foldable form factors.”

Android 14 blog reveals several main factors the coming android focuses on. Main upgrades include security version 14 will block installation/sideloading of old Android apps that target older versions of the OS. Android 14 doesn’t support installing apps with a targetSdkVersion lower than level 23 which corresponds to Android 6. 

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Android 14 bigger fonts

Theres some changes in customization and display, with bigger fonts and non-linear scaling. Android users can scale up their font to 200%. Android 14 will also offer new personalization options based on the efforts seen in the Material You design introduced in Android 12.

There are some improvements to the internal broadcast system to help make the device’s battery life and battery consumption efficient. 

Android 14 Release Date

As for the next Android 14 developer preview 2, the preview is scheduled for March. Whereas the company is set to release the stable version in June 2023, and the final version by August. 

Andriod 14 Compatible devices

You can download the Andriod 14 DP 1 system image for your specific device via the official Android developer portal. Futhermore compatible devices are listed below:

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