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Apple is planning to open iOS to third-party app stores next year


Apple makes a massive change in iOS letting users get apps and software from other third-party app stores. Before iPhones and iPad users were allowed to download apps from the App Store. According to a recent blog from Bloomberg, Apple plans to open iOS for third-party apps as well. 

This massive change will be made to fulfill the strict EU requirements set in the Digital Markets and Services Act. The changes are projected to take place only in the 27 countries that are members of the European Union. Likewise, it will lay the groundwork for an eventual expansion of the services to other regions.

According to the implementation of the Digital Markets Act, all companies must implement it until the time of 2024. The implementation includes allowing broader access to the NFC chip, the camera, Find My Network, and the AirTag and bringing new web browsing engines to iPhones and iPads. 

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Apple is likely to implement the iOS changes and updates with iOS 17 in 2023. Gurman clarified that Apple is still planning to charge developers, even if they don’t distribute their apps through the App Store.

Implementation of the Digital Markets Act

The Digital Markets Act and the Digital Services Act bill intend to promote fair competition and better privacy protection and remove some invasive targeted advertising. Apple’s actions fall primarily under the first act, which is supposed to offer better interoperability with more minor rival services.

Apple has directly responded on how it will implement om the massive changes. But let’s stay updated for more official statements and updates. 

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