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Xiaomi Announced MIUI 14: Here are all the major changes


Most of the major smartphone brands have already introduced Andriod 13 to their devices with a new skin on top such as Samsung announcing it’s One UI 5-based Andriod 13, and OnePlus with its OxygenOS 13 based on Andriod 13. Similarly, Xiaomi also announced its new OS based on Andriod 13 which is MIUI 14. Therefore in this article, we will be talking about all of the new features and major changes of MIUI 14 along with eligible devices.

The Xiaomi 13 series was announced on December 11, 2022, and will be the first device to be available with MIUI 14 based on Andriod 13 out of the box.

MIUI 14: Features and Major Changes


MIUI 14 - home screen

The MIUI 14 comes with a noticeable visual overhaul to its icon overall. Futhermore MIUI 14 let the user adjust the icon size whereas the new widget format and home screen folder gives the user more customization options.


The MIUI 14 comes with new lighter software to improve the performance whereas we can also see a new MIUI photon engine that runs on Andriod Kernel allowing third-party developers to create smoother and more power-efficient applications.

Additionally now MIUI 14 will let the user remove most of the system apps by only letting eight apps that cannot be uninstalled.

Firmware Size

The Previous firmware size used to be very huge consuming a lot of stores whereas this time the firmware size is expected to be small with only a total size of 13.09 GB.

New Features

Talking about new features on the MIUI 14 we can find a new app cleaning feature that compresses low-frequency application and save only one copy of duplicate files.

Additionally, the software brings new notification management options and improved privacy with no user data being stored on the cloud, family services that let you create groups with up to 8 members and assign various roles with different permission.

AI Features

Futhermore MIUI 14 packs a new AI feature that let the user extract text from images. Whereas the new features also come with live captioning features for video conferences.

MIUI interconnection

MIUI 14 connectivity

MIUI 14 will allow users to seamlessly connect with other ecosystem products whereas Xioami has stated it will support over a billion devices. In addition, we can find the Xiaomi Magic center platform to manage all your Xiaomi ecosystem products.

MIUI 14: Eligible Devices

Xiaomi 13 series will be the first device to come with MIUI 14 based on Andriod 13 out of the box on December 14 2022 whereas the Redmi K50 series will get the MIUi 14 update on January 2023. Futhermore check the list below for MIUI 14 eligible devices

Xiaomi MIUI 14 Eligible devices

Redmi MIUI 14 Eligible Devices

Poco MIUI 14 Eligible devices

BTW What are your thoughts on the MIUI 14? And is for devices eligible for the MIUI 14 Update comment below.

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