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ChatGPT is now coming to Android smartphones.


ChatGPT had taken over the storm on the internet six months back. Users hopped into the platform for a variety of tasks. From simple essay writing to solving complex maths and even coding complex algorithms. Now, that powerful ChatGPT is finally coming to Andriod Smartphones.

ChatGPT for Android has finally been announced by OpenAI. This announcement follows the successful debut of the iOS version. The app quickly became the most popular AI app, with over 500,000 downloads in just one week. The official Android version of ChatGPT will be available next week on the Google Play Store.

ChatGPT is finally coming to Andriod Smartphones

The market has been overcrowded by hoaxes or counterfeit ChatGPT AI models. Now, The release of an official Android version is expected to curb the flood of counterfeit GPT applications on the market. Until now, these unapproved apps have exploited the Android environment, with some including malicious or fraudulent material.

ChatGPT is finally coming to Andriod Smartphones

Talking of launch in the EU where there are many data privacy policies, the Android version of ChatGPT will probably have regional limitations, much like its iOS equivalent. The app will probably debut in the United States before expanding to other nations. Similarly, users will be able to access ChatGPT Plus premium service for $20 per month. 

The IOS app has been much successful and Open AI plans to do the same with the Andriod version as well. In addition, the company has not disclosed any information on the launch but it is rumored to be someday next day.

OpenAI working on new features

Additionally, OpenAI is presently in the beta stage of a new feature called “customized instructions,” which is only available to Plus plan subscribers. This feature works by allowing users to give the AI chatbot precise instructions, this feature will improve customization.

The app will furthermore include recent updates from the iOS version, such as Bing integration and better history search capabilities.



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