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A comprehensive guide for iPhone lovers in Nepal


Apple iPhones are the most popular smartphones all around the globe and also in Nepal. But we all know how expensive Apple products are here in Nepal. Apple iPhones are very popular among the grey sellers but there are more drawbacks than benefits if you buy smartphones at discount through a grey seller. Today, we will be talking about, where should you buy iPhones in Nepal, what are the benefits of buying from an authorized seller,s and more about iPhone Shops in Nepal. 

Does Apple have a store in Nepal? 

As you know, Apple is well known for its clean and premium Physical Stores with Transparent Windows all around the globe. The Apple store provides a clean, uncluttered, and minimalistic experience which is almost similar all around the world, where you have an Apple Store. Some of the most famous are in New York and Singapore. Talking about Apple Store in Nepal, well as of now we do not have any official Apple Store in Nepal. In Nepal, We have Apple Authorized Distributer, Genxt handling the Distribution in the country and we have stores from well-known Apple retailers like Evo Store and Oliz Stores. 

Apple Authorized Distributor in Nepal

Genxt ( Generation Next Communication) is proudly the sole Apple Authorized Distributor in Nepal. Whenever you buy an iPhone or Apple product in Nepal, do not forget to checkout for Genxt Sticker on the box, to make sure that the device has been imported through the official distributor and you will get an official warranty. Also in iPhones, you must also check for MPIA hologram in the box. 

Is iPhone Cheaper in Nepal?

As I already told you, iPhones are not cheap in Nepal. If you compare it with the US price, iPhone 13 Mini starts at NRs.120,990 in Nepal which roughly translates to $1000, compared to $699 in the US. Talking about the Pro models, iPhone 13 Pro will cost you NRs.174,990 or $1460 which is ridiculously expensive compared to $1000. So, from this, you can clearly iPhones are not really cheap in Nepal. Though if you compared it to India, iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max models are cheaper in Nepal than in India.

iPhone ModelPrice in USPrice in IndiaPrice in Nepal
iPhone 12$699 (NRs.83,823)₹65,900 (NRs.105,905)NRs.120,990
iPhone 13 Mini$699 (NRs.83,823)₹69,900 (NRs.112,325)NRs.120,990
iPhone 13$799 (NRs.95,814)₹79,900 (NRs.128,373)NRs.137,990
iPhone 13 Pro$999 (NRs.119,798)₹119,900 (NRs.192,568)NRs.174,990
iPhone 13 Pro Max$1099 (NRs.131,790)₹129,900 (NRs.208,617)NRs.189,990

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Why buy iPhones from Authorized Resellers?

iPhones in Nepal are sold by Authorized resellers. You should always choose Authorized resellers rather than grey channels. You might get the device bit cheaper on grey channels but there’s no official warranty and furthermore cons while buying an iPhone via unauthorized channels. Now let’s have a look at the reasons why you should buy iPhones from Authorized resellers;

  • VAT Bill with Tax Invoice

While buying a phone from an Authorized seller you get a VAT Bill with a Tax Invoice written on top. This ensures your device is bought from legal channels and a portion of your purchase goes to the government as tax. In your bill also look out for the Full Name of your device with its storage size and IMEI number.

  • Warranty 

In Nepal, iPhone is an expensive commodity and while buying from grey channels you won’t get any official warranty. So, it is always preferred to buy from Authorized sellers to claim 1 year of warranty. 

  • 1-year Insurance 

Buying an iPhone from an authorized seller will also provide you with a year of Insurance for your device. This insurance will cover physical damage including water and fire damage.

  • IMEI Registration 

When iPhones when are officially imported in Nepal by the Authorized Distributor, IMEI numbers are registered at Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA). When your IMEI is registered in NTA, it makes it easier to claim or track your phone in case you lose it. You can even check your IMEI number on Genxt website, to check whether your device is imported from an authorized distributor or not.

How to buy iPhones in EMI in Nepal

EMI of Monthly Installment allows the customer to buy a certain product with a minimum down payment and pay the full price in a small monthly installment with a minimum interest rate. Apple retailers in Nepal are also providing the EMI for buying iPhones and other Apple products.

Talking about Evo Store, you can buy iPhones on EMI via the credit card from the following banks: Nabil Bank, Global IME Bank, Siddhartha Bank, NIC Asia Bank, Himalayan Bank, MEGA Bank, NMB Bank, Kumari Bank, Century Bank, Machhapuchhre Bank, Nepal Investment Bank Ltd. (NIBL), Citizens Bank Limited, Sunrise Bank & Sanima Bank. The interest rate varies between 10%-12%, till 12 months, and in Evo Store, Down Payment is not mandatory.

Whereas while buying an iPhone in EMI from OLIZ Store, Himalayan Bank, Mega Bank, Global IME, NABIL Bank, Siddhartha Bank, Machhapuchchhre Bank, and Sunrise Bank Credit Cardholders are eligible, with interest rates ranging from 8% for Sunrise Bank to 12% for Himalayan Bank Card holders. To calculate EMI and Interest rates for particular Apple products from your bank, you can use the EMI calculator from Oliz Store’s website.

  • Make sure, your bank’s credit card is eligible for EMI purchase
  • Fill out your Bank’s EMI application form with your necessary card details and the finance amount required
  • Once the EMI is approved, the bank will provide a delivery note
  • With that, you can avail your EMI purchase from Apple resellers who provide iPhones on EMI

Where to buy iPhone in Nepal

iPhones in Nepal are sold by Authorized resellers. Among them, the most popular ones are Evo Store and Oliz Store. Genxt and Evo store also provides an authorized service center for Apple iPhones in Nepal.

Apple StoreLocationContact number
Evo StoreSherpa Mall, Durbar Marg, Kathmandu01-4225486, 01-4220659
Evo StoreHotel Tibet International, Bouddha, Kathmandu01-4469031
Evo StoreNew Road, Kathmandu980-1230980
Evo StoreLABIM Mall Ground Floor Pulchowk, Lalitpur01-‎5547648, 01-5554352
Evo StorePokhara, Mid-Town Galleria Mall061-550027
Oliz StoreBabarmahal, Kathmandu 9861060000
Oliz StoreShop No: F19, Rising Mall, Durbar Marga, Kathmandu9840297777
Oliz StoreNew Road, Kathmandu9801023731
This table contains Apple Store in Nepal

Things to keep in Mind while Buying iPhone in Nepal

  • The Box of the Phone should be a sealed pack and should contain Generation Next (Genxt) sticker.
  • You should check for MPIA (Mobile Phone Importer Association) Hologram in the box. 
  • iPhone imported in Nepal is always a single sim card variant. 
  • You should check the IMEI number on Genxt Website.
  • You should always take VAT Bill with Tax Invoice during your purchase. 
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