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Analogue Inc. plans to launch virtual workspace software- Leosquad


As we all know that since the COVID pandemic started, we faced a lot of changes in our daily life, along with our work lives. So in this situation, work-from-home has become the only solution to get our work done.

There is no doubt that work from home will soon become a permanent solution for business entrepreneurs, their employees, and workers because of this pandemic situation.

Technology has become an indispensable part of the current market as all the works related to office, business, learning, teaching, and many more are online.

Leosquad Virtual Workspace

So, in this situation, where physical interaction isn`t possible with one another, Analogue Inc. is launching a software called “Leosquad” in the market, which is an ISO/ICE 17788.2014 certified software. This software will be officially launched on 18th June 2021 to emphasize the idea of a virtual workplace and the vision of building entrepreneurism in the country.

The software mainly focuses on building entrepreneurship and facilitates the worker in the workplace.

While establishing the business, every individual (entrepreneur) deals with several problems like markets, human resources, and many more.  Among all these, the workplace is one of the expensive essences of the entrepreneur. The workplace must be chosen so that all the employees working in the business organization easily reach the workplace. Since we know that the workplace connects everyone in the business organization, including higher-level to lower-level staff, even they are working in remote areas. So the business organization must use the familiar or accessible features to the employees like groups chat, message, and other medium considering that some of their employees are remote.

leosquad virtual workspace

The current situations hinder and make it very difficult for every single entrepreneur and business organization to operate their business smoothly and attain the pace of production. Considering the drawback of running the business, Analogue Inc. is launching the software called “LeoSqaud,” a virtual workplace for entrepreneurs to keep records of their official work and employees.

“Technology is supposed to make your life easier, and LeoSquad is the future that will fill the workplace gap and even can learn to use it very quickly,” says Ashutosh Agrawal, the CEO of Analogue Inc.

Moreover, LeoSquad software has all the basic combinations of features that we need in a virtual workplace. Furthermore, an individual doesn`t need to be a technoid to use it. LeoSqaud possesses advanced features to be productive, avoiding fake-proof work that benefits both employee and producer.

Mainly Leosquad is built to provide the platform to young and upcoming generations to fund one`s business. Leosquad helps people to create a work plan that is price effective and providing quality services in comparison to other software in the market.


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