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The new NTC tone changed with the key purpose 


Network companies frequently change their call tones for different purposes, alerts, information, and their signature identity. To this day, a lot of customers have already experienced the new NTC (Nepal telecom network) tone while making calls from the network.NTC is one of the loyal network companies in Nepal and has been providing telecommunication services for years.

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The latest ring tone changes on NTC were the COVID alerts, local level elections, and its iconic NTC caller tune. Now, we can again listen to the new shift in caller tune. All of these were made in the mind of the new situation changes and informing the Nepali users about it. Let’s dive into the latest changes. 

The new change of the call tone:

The new changes indicate the total time for users to connect from one call to another.

NTC spokesman Shobhan Adhikari says the tone helps reflect the Call Setup Time.

He states:

“We have tried to indicate the time it takes for making a call from one to another number. Prior to this, the tone for the call setup time and after the call started was the same. To differentiate the two, we have added a new tone. This will also provide our customers with a new experience,” 

The regulator (NTA) has set the preferred range for the Call Setup Time at 5 seconds or below that. This means, that the users can quickly check up on their calls and if the ring meets the NTA range or not. 

Have you experienced the latest call change? And what do you think of the purpose of these changes? Is it helpful? Do share us in the comments. 

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