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Types of phones to be banned in Nepal from Shrawan

Nepal is coming up with a new plan to bring Mobile Device Management System (MDMS) into operation from Shrawan 1. It will ban the illegal import of mobile phones inside the country.

Basically, mobile phones enter our country in two ways, either legal or illegal( white or gray).

What MDMS does is, it will track down any mobile phone that is not registered in IMEI Authority. Phones that are not bought within the country must register their IMEI number to MDMS. 


According to the news, only the whitelisted phones can be used after registration. If the device is greylisted, you won’t use the device after inserting a SIM card.

Greylist includes stolen devices, devices that are imported but not registered, and even the device that comes as a gift from abroad falls under greylist if not registered to the MDMS.

With the help of MDMS, such policies are being implemented to reduce criminal activity and increase revenue for the state.

Overall, mobile phones bought from abroad can only be used when registered in the IMEI authority. Likewise, it will be easier to find the devices that have been robbed with the help of the IMEI number of the phone.

As our country has an open border with India, many illegal phones are being used. But as per the MDMS, there will no longer be the use of such phones unless they are registered.


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