Mobile Device Management System by NTA

Mobile Device Management System by NTA

MDMS (Mobile Device Management System) is being set up to prevent the unauthorized import of mobile phones. This system is believed to trace as well as disable all the non-registered mobile devices and hence minimize the possible grey market.

The project to design, develop, supply, install, test, and operate the Mobile Device Management System (MDMS) in Nepal was initialized by Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) in 2018. This project was tendered to the joint venture of OSI Consultancy(India), New Era SDN BHD(Malaysia) and Namaste Global Communication Pte. Ltd(Singapore) for 7 million US Dollars. According to the sources, the project is now very near to completion

Before this, NTA has installed Equipment Identity Registry (EIR) System to track the illegal import of electrical equipment. NTA has been registering the IMEI code of mobile imported through authorized channels manually. More than 7 million mobiles have been registered manually. Now, these codes will be registered on web-based MDMS.

Mobile Device Management System by NTA

According to NTA, after the completion of this project, Mobile phones, whose International Mobile Equipment Identity Code (IMEI) are not registered, will be disabled in all networks in Nepal. The mobile phones imported through official channels and have IMEI registered will only work on the network.

 On the other hand, NTA has provided the online registration service to the phones imported as a gift or in the parcel. Those phones will only work after being registered in the system. Similarly, unregistered mobile phones will be listed on the blacklist and eventually get blocked.

Spokesperson Min Prasad Aryal believes that this project will stop the illegal import of mobile phones, cheating customs while importing as well as control the criminal activities through fake IMEI numbers. Likewise, there will be an increase in the revenue and sale of mobile phones in Nepal.

The General Manager of Samsung Nepal, Pranaya Ratna Sthapit expresses his support for the operation of MDMS. He explains that illegal importing decreases the revenue of genuine trading companies, as well as, the government will face more than 15 percent loss on the customs duty. He is now certain that the mobile market will be more organized.

Mobile phone service has reached all the 77 districts of Nepal. There is no doubt that the sales of mobile phones have increased over the past few years. Undoubtedly, unauthorized imports of mobile phones have also increased. Will the illegal input of mobile phones stop once the MDMS is operational? Well, we have to wait and watch. What are your thoughts on this project? Share with us in the comment section below.

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