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Get a chance to win a brand new Scooter with “Samsung Mobile Chyappai, Scooter Jhyappai! offer”


Samsung, a big smartphone brand here in Nepal has come up with an unbeatable and amazing Dashain offer. This year Samsung has outdone itself by announcing this huge offer. To celebrate their faithful customers, Samsung Nepal has launched an amazing consumer campaign called “Samsung Mobile Chyappai, Scooter Jhyappai!” With this offer on the purchase of any Samsung Smartphone or tablet, 25 customers will win 25 scooters worth NPR 2,33,900 every day.

Samsung Mobile Chyappai, Scooter Jhyappai! offer:

With Nepal’s main festival Dashain approaching, Samsung Nepal has launched a huge Dashain offer targeted towards its loyal customers. In an exciting and unprecedented offer, Samsung Nepal is set to make this year truly remarkable for its customers. As part of their grand scheme, Samsung is giving away a TVS NTORQ 125cc Scooter every single day, totaling an incredible 25 scooters in 25 days. What’s even more enticing is that customers stand a chance to win this fantastic prize when they purchase a Samsung Smartphone or a Samsung Tablet during the scheme period.

Samsung Galaxy S23 series

The catch? Well, there’s not much of one. From Sunday through Friday, eager participants can put their hats in the ring to be among the fortunate daily winners. However, even on Saturdays, customers won’t be left out in the cold; they can still participate in this exceptional offer. Likewise, Saturday’s entries will be included in Sunday’s lucky draw.

Buyers can start their journey toward this fantastic prize as early as September 19th. Any entries received between September 19th and September 22nd will be included in the lucky draw on September 22nd. It’s an early bird opportunity that shouldn’t be missed. Whereas the scheme starts on September 22nd and ends on October 20th, 2023.

The lucky draw themselves will be a highlight of the campaign, taking place twice a week. And the best part? You can witness the excitement unfold live during the “Music of Your Choice Programme” on the Image Channel. It’s a unique chance to be part of the offer and see if you’re one of the lucky 25 winners who will be announced throughout the campaign.

This incredible offer is making waves and creating a buzz among shoppers, as Samsung combines innovation with the thrill of winning a valuable prize. So, gear up for a chance of a lifetime when you decide to invest in a Samsung smartphone or tablet.

How to participate in this offer?

The steps to participate in this offer are listed below. Be sure to follow these steps accurately to increase your chance of winning a brand new TVS NTORQ 125cc Scooter.

  1. Buy a new Samsung Smartphone or Tablet.
  2. Dial *#06# to get the Serial Number of the newly purchased device.
  3. Type SAMSUNG<space>Serial Number and send the SMS to 31001. For example:
  4. Get instant confirmation and wait for the result. The winning serial numbers will be
    announced through a LIVE lucky draw on the Image Channel which will also be posted in
    Samsung’s official Facebook page the next day.

Samsung’s Insta Finance facility:

Samsung Galaxy Tab

If you’re short on budget to buy a Samsung Smartphone of your choice worry not cause Samsung also has brought up Insta Finance Facility at a 0% interest rate. Now you can own a Brand new Samsung Smartphone or Tablet with an easy Samsung Insta Finance Facility even when you’re short on budget. With over 300 Samsung Insta Finance locations across the country, including 22 Samsung Experience Stores, you can quickly upgrade your smartphone experience today for a low monthly payment.

Are you going to participate in Samsung Mobile Chyappai, Scooter Jhyappai! offer? Do let us know in the comments.

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