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Sony PlayStation 5 Pro to Support True 60FPS 4K Gaming with RTX Enabled.


The rumors of Sony announcing its two new PlayStation devices have been circling the internet for a while now. Whereas a recent leak revealed the design of Sony PlayStation 5 Slims. But rumors for Sony PlayStation 5 Pro have emerged online with specification leaks.

Sony PlayStation 5 Pro Specification (Rumors)

  • CPU with 3.6Ghz Clock speed
  • GPU with 2.23Ghz Clock speed
  • 23.04 TERAFLOPS Computing Power
  • 60FPS at 4K with Ray-Tracing

Sony PlayStation 5 Pro Highlights

Sony’s PlayStation 5 was a gaming console ahead of its time and a major upgrade from its predecessor Sony PlayStation 4. The PlayStation 5 Pro come with ultra-high-speed SSD, immersive haptic feedback with adaptive trigger, and more. Moreover, the PlayStation 5 also supports 4K at 120FPS but games supporting Ray-tracing will drop the FPS below 30 and rarely supports 60fps.

Therefore Sony is expected to announce PlayStation 5 Pro to eliminate this gap. So console gamers will get the true experience of 60fps gaming at 4K resolution with ray-tracing. According to the sources online a Youtube “RedGamingTech” States that the PlayStation 5 will arrive with a notable upgrade in terms of hardware.

Sony PlayStation 5
Sony PlayStation 5

As per the report, Sony PlayStation 5 Pro will feature n APU that has a 3.6Ghz CPU and 2.7Ghz GPU in comparison to the current Sony PlayStation 5 with a 3.5Ghz CPU and 2.23Ghz GPU clock speed. Similarly, Youtube also speculates that the PlayStation 5 Pro will be capable of outputting roughly 23.04 TFLOPS twice the current PlayStation 5 which has the computing power of 10.28 TeraFlops.

Likewise as mentioned above Sony PlayStation 5 Pro will be offering a true 60 FPS gaming at 4K resolution with Ray-tracing enabled while the PS5 Pro will also get an improved 8K gaming experience with ray-tracing.

Sony PlayStation 5 Pro Leaks on Launch Date

A few reports online stated that Sony was planning to showcase something major at E3 2023 (Electronic Entertainment Expo 2023) with the possibility of featuring a detachable disc version of the PlayStation 5. But the ESA was officially canceled on March 30, 2023 therefore fans were unable to get insight on the new development.

Whereas another report states Sony is expected to launch their PlayStation 5 Pro in the latter part of 2024 which also implied that Sony isn’t planning to launch the PlayStation 6 before 2028.

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