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WhatsApp now allows you to send photos at higher resolution.


WhatsApp revolutionized communication by enabling seamless, instant messaging across the globe while prioritizing user privacy through end-to-end encryption. Its user-friendly interface and consistent updates continue to redefine how we connect. Likewise, it has consistently added new features in the past couple of months. Now, it has brought in a new feature that everyone had long anticipated. WhatsApp finally lets you send higher resolution photos which means blurry and low-resolution photos are soon going to be things of the past.

WhatsApp finally lets you send higher resolution photos

WhatsApp finally lets you send higher resolution photos

Sending photos via WhatsApp has long been plagued by a significant drawback: the unavoidable processing that occurs, leading to a substantial reduction in size, resolution, and overall quality. However, this drawback is now on the verge of becoming history—well, at least the part related to low resolution. After a notably prolonged wait, WhatsApp introduces the concept of “HD photos.”

In a welcome move, WhatsApp is finally granting users the ability to transfer photos in higher quality. In WhatsApp’s vocabulary, “HD” implies that the images will now be sent at their original, full resolution. On the other hand, if storage conservation and swift transfers are your priorities, you can still opt for the default “Standard” quality setting, which will downscale the resolution by half.

WhatsApp finally lets you send higher resolution photos

It’s important to note that resolution is only part of the equation, the matter of compression is another side that comes into play. Surprisingly, WhatsApp has opted to remain tight-lipped about the extent of compression even for these newly introduced “HD” photos. Nonetheless, the positive aspect remains, images will now be sent in higher resolution, inevitably enhancing their visual appeal.

Introducing a novel addition an “HD” icon you can now easily toggle between the two quality presets mentioned earlier. A reassuring side is that regardless of the quality chosen, all images remain safeguarded by end-to-end encryption.

Rolling out globally, this new feature is currently being distributed to WhatsApp users worldwide. However, the deployment is expected to span several weeks before reaching all users. Additionally, the capability to send “HD” videos is set to follow in the near future.

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