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Analogue Care By Analogue Mall: Use Your Devices to The Maximum Potential


The market in Nepal for Tech products is still in its early days. We’ve only had smartphones for just over a decade now. But just in a decade this market and the industry have grown beyond anyone’s imagination. And now, the tech market of Nepal is about to see yet another game-changer in the form of Analogue Care.

Analogue Care is a new service that the Analogue Mall has brought to Nepal. Analogue Mall is an e-commerce platform in Nepal that sells a wide variety of genuine products. The gadgets range from smartphones, tablets, laptops to surveillance and action cams, accessories and more. And to maintain the trust of its customers and keep us happy, Analogue Mall has now introduced Analogue Care. In this article, we’re going to talk about Analogue Care in Nepal and how it’s going to be a game-changer.

Analogue Care in Nepal

Analogue Care is simply a service for your gadgets and the products you buy from the Analogue Mall. This service is like insurance for your devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, cameras, accessories. Meaning that whenever your device goes through accidental damage. This is the first time something like this has happened in Nepal and it’s definitely for the better.

Categories And Packages of Analogue Care in Nepal

Analogue Care from the Analogue Mall in Nepal comes in two different categories. The first category is for the devices that generally everyone uses. These devices include televisions, laptops, tablets and smartphones. And the second category focuses on the devices that are more exclusive to content creators, like action cams, GoPros, drones, etc.

Furthermore, there are two types of packages in Analogue Care: Standard and Premium. Under the Standard package, Analogue care provides display and Camera coverage. And the premium package covers all risks and accidental physical damage to your devices.

Here’s a table to show the categories and packages of the Analogue Care:

CategoriesPackages and Coverage
First Category: Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, TelevisionStandard Package: Provides Display Coverage
Premium Package: Display and Camera Coverage for any unexpected damage
Second Category: Action Cams, GoPros, Drones (gadgets for content creation)Standard Package: Provides Display and Camera Coverage
Premium Package: Covers all physical damage

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Analogue Care Price in Nepal and How to Get It?

Analogue Care is available for the products you buy from the Analogue Mall. So in order to get the Analogue Care, you need to buy products from the analogue mall’s website or their physical outlet at Newroad, Kathmandu. All you need to do is fill up a form and you’ll be able to enjoy a year worth of Analogue Care.

Analogue Care is basically an insurance service for your devices. And the price is as follows:

  • Standard Package: 2.5% of MRP (Mximum Retail Price)
  • Premium Package: 3.5% of MRP

Other than this, Analogue Mall is also going to bring Apple Care+ exclusively for apple products like iPhone, iPad, Macbooks, etc.

Wrapping it Up

Analogue Care is a new step towards a better tech market in Nepal. And this is a great offer, especially for content creators who like to take risky shots. Now, you no longer have to fear when using your device to its maximum potential. Because any damage will be covered by Analogue Care. And even for normal users, Analogue care is a great deal mainly for expensive yet fragile devices like TV and laptop screens, etc.



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