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Covid Connect Nepal: COVID Heros helping with Emergency Resources


The first case of COVID-19 was reported in January 2020 in Nepal. With that, the outbreak started in Nepal. By February, the number of infected people increased in huge numbers. Likewise, the first death due to COVID-19 was reported in May 2020. With that, the country went under lockdown back in March 2020, which lasted till July 2020. 

As the covid19 wave started in India again, it made its way to  Nepal through the open borders as the workers from India started returning to their hometowns. The government claims to be helpless as all the beds in hospitals are already occupied, making it difficult to treat new Covid patients.

covid connect nepal

Covid Connect Nepal:

The new platform ‘Covid Connect Nepal’ has created a platform to help those in need of emergency services during the chaos. The platform aims to reduce the chaos by helping people get Beds, oxygen, and vehicles in such times of crisis. 

At the time of writing Covid, Connect Nepal has had 283 solved bed requests, 89 solved oxygen requests, and 23 solved vehicle requests. With a total of 502-bed requests, 123 oxygen requests, and 26 vehicle requests, they have helped many people with emergency services, but with the deteriorating state the country is in right now, we need much more such heroes to come forward.

Not only can people request emergency services, but people can also offer help in the Live request section, where they can see the people in need of hospital beds, oxygen, and vehicle requests.

covid connect nepal

The website provides you a platform to request beds, oxygen, and vehicles as there is an option to do so. All you have to do is fill a short form, select the urgency, and you can request what you need. The website has done a great job of managing the COVID-19 crisis the country is in right now. 

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The number of patients increased in the past few weeks; it is getting hard for the hospitals to manage it. The fatalities have also increased, and we might also have seen International news circulating about Nepal creating the bodies out in the open. 

In times like this, where there is chaos and people have started dying with the lack of hospital beds and oxygen tanks, COVID Connect Nepal is definitely a hero we all needed.



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