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Samsung Galaxy A05 Full Review: Best Under Budget?


Samsung Galaxy A05 has been emerging as one of the best phones under Rs 15,000 in the Nepali market. The new Galaxy A series has geared up its display and camera abilities in the newer variants and it’s good to see in 2024. The cost of the Samsung Galaxy A05 in Nepal is currently NPR 14,999 for 4+64GB and NPR 18,999 for the 6+128GB variant.

However, we will talk about its experience of using it, its pros and cons, and its abilities.

Samsung Galaxy A05 Full Review: Abilities and Downsides


I’ve been using the Samsung Galaxy A05 for a while. It’s pretty light at 195 grams, making it easy to carry around. The phone isn’t too thick or too thin, which is nice, and it fits well in my pocket because it’s not too wide or too tall. The phone has a matty finish on the back with appealing vertical stripes. The camera doesn’t have any extra bumps so that’s the good point and gives an aesthetic look too.

Talking about controllers and ports, they are pretty simple and usual. On the right-hand side, it has a power button and volume rocker. One thing missing is, it doesn’t have any fingerprint sensor. On the left side, there is a SIM drawer. On the bottom, it hosts a charging port, speaker, microphone, and headphone jack.

However, this phone isn’t great around water or dust because it doesn’t have special protection. I have to be careful not to use it when it’s raining or near water, which can be a bit of a hassle.

Samsung Galaxy A05 Full Review

The design of the phone is pretty basic. In everyday use, the phone works fine for normal stuff. But, because it’s not super tough or water-resistant, I feel like I have to be extra careful with it. If you get this phone, it might be a good idea to buy a protective case to keep it safe.


Samsung Galaxy A05 has put all effort into its display to make it more than average at the budget price range. The phone boasts a sizeable 6.7-inch screen, which, measured diagonally, offers ample space for viewing content. The LCD with IPS technology contributes to decent viewing angles and color reproduction, making it suitable for everyday tasks like browsing and watching videos.

One of the first things I noticed was the clarity and sharpness of the images, thanks to its pixel density of 262ppi. While it’s not the highest on the market, it’s certainly adequate for most users, providing a pleasantly clear visual experience without any noticeable pixelation in everyday use. Though not full HD, the resolution of 720 x 1600 pixels still delivers reasonably sharp and vibrant visuals, making movie-watching and gaming enjoyable.

Samsung Galaxy A05 Full Review

However, there are a few areas where the device doesn’t quite hit the mark. The absence of features like HDR10 or HDR10+ means that the display doesn’t reach the high contrast and color depths seen in higher-end models. This lack was evident when viewing content meant to showcase these features – the images were good but lacked that extra punch of vibrancy and depth.

The lack of an always-on display feature was also noticeable. It’s a handy feature I’ve enjoyed in other devices for glances at the time, date, or notifications without fully waking the phone. Additionally, the phone does not support Dolby Vision, which is not a deal-breaker but would have been a nice addition for a more immersive viewing experience, especially when watching high-quality videos.

While the specs like refresh rate, touch sampling rate, and contrast ratio are not specified, during my use, I found the screen to be responsive and smooth enough for daily interactions. Touch inputs were registered accurately, and the animations were fluid, contributing to a pleasant user experience.

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Having used the Samsung Galaxy A05 for a while, I’ve been genuinely impressed with its performance, especially considering its price point. Running on Android 13, the phone feels snappy and responsive, handling everyday tasks with ease. The difference this latest Android version makes in terms of user experience is noticeable, with improved functionality and security features enhancing my daily usage.

Gaming on the A05 has been a pleasant surprise. The MediaTek Helio G85 chipset, although not top-of-the-line, handles most games quite well. I’ve played a range of titles, from casual puzzles to more demanding action games, and the phone has managed to keep up. While the absence of specific 3DMark Wild Life scores initially made me skeptical about its gaming capabilities, I found that the 2GHz CPU and integrated graphics deliver a smooth gaming experience for most titles. However, I did notice some limitations with very high-end games; the graphics are good but not exceptional, and there can be occasional lags in intense gaming scenarios.

One aspect I’ve been particularly attentive to is the device’s heat management. During prolonged gaming sessions, the phone does get warm, but it’s nothing out of the ordinary for a device in this category. The 12nm chipset architecture seems to strike a decent balance between performance and heat generation. It’s efficient enough to prevent any uncomfortable heat levels, ensuring that my gaming sessions remain enjoyable.

The addition of an external memory slot has been a boon for my usage. I’ve expanded the storage to keep more games and media on the device, and this flexibility is something I appreciate. The 1800MHz RAM speed also contributes to the phone’s overall swift performance. I’ve found multitasking to be smooth and switching between apps is seamless, which is great when I’m juggling between gaming, checking emails, and browsing social media.


It’s been more than a week and I’ve been quite impressed with its camera capabilities. The main camera has a dual setup with 50MP and 2MP, capturing detailed images with good resolution. However, it’s not just about megapixels; other features like the lack of optical image stabilization and a single-tone flash affect its performance in various lighting conditions.

Samsung Galaxy A05 Full Review

Manual exposure, ISO settings, and focus give you more control over your shots, which is great for photography enthusiasts. The phone also features a dual-lens main camera, enhancing image quality, especially in low-light conditions.

On the downside, the lack of an ultra-wide camera and optical zoom limits its versatility. Also, the absence of features like a BSI sensor, CMOS sensor, and laser autofocus are missed opportunities for improving low-light performance and focusing speed.

The front camera is decent with an 8MP sensor, great for selfies that require fine detail. Video recording is standard at 1080p with 60fps, which is quite smooth, but the absence of higher resolutions is noticeable. I appreciate the wide aperture settings (f/2.4 & f/1.8) on the main camera, allowing more light and creating a nice depth-of-field effect.

What I find really impressive is the phone’s continuous autofocus in video mode and phase-detection autofocus for photos, making the images sharp and clear. The slow-motion video recording is a fun feature, and the built-in HDR mode enhances the dynamic range of photos.


In my experience with the Samsung Galaxy A05, the 5000mAh battery truly stands out, especially during extended use like gaming sessions and binge-watching YouTube videos. When I played graphics-intensive games, the phone held up impressively, maintaining a solid battery life that outlasted many of my previous devices. Similarly, during long YouTube video marathons, I noticed the battery drained much slower than expected, which was a pleasant surprise.

Samsung Galaxy A05 Full Review

The fast charging feature with a 25W capacity also made a significant difference. It’s quite convenient, especially when I need a quick boost before heading out. I found that just a short charging session was enough to give me a substantial amount of battery life. For instance, a 30-minute charge often provided enough power for a couple of hours of gaming or video playback, which is quite impressive.

Other Features

I’ve found that while it covers the basics pretty well, it lacks some of the advanced features tech enthusiasts might look for. Starting with connectivity, the absence of 5G is noticeable, especially if you’re used to high-speed internet. However, for everyday tasks like browsing and streaming, the Wi-Fi capabilities are quite sufficient. I appreciate the dual SIM support as it gives me the flexibility to juggle between two numbers – handy for managing work and personal life.

From a security standpoint, the fingerprint scanner is a reliable feature. It’s quick and accurate, adding an extra layer of security without being intrusive. I do miss the convenience of NFC for contactless payments, and it’s a bit disappointing not to have this in a modern smartphone. The USB Type-C port is a welcome addition, though being limited to USB 2.0 speeds means data transfers aren’t as fast as they could be.

Accessibility-wise, the phone is straightforward and user-friendly. While it doesn’t have some of the more advanced sensors like a gyroscope or a heart rate monitor, the essentials like GPS and accelerometer are there, which suffice for basic navigation and motion detection needs. I feel like I’m missing out on some of the latest tech features like facial recognition or an iris scanner, but for a budget-friendly device, the Galaxy A05 still manages to deliver a solid, basic smartphone experience. It’s more suited for someone who values simplicity and core functionalities over cutting-edge technology.

Pros and Cons

Increased size of the screenThe display is limited to a 60Hz refresh rate
Upgraded Camera and decent camera qualityCamera performance is poor in low-light conditions
Major boost in processorNo fingerprint sensor
2 years of OS updates and 4 years of security updates


The Samsung A05 would be a good choice for those who want their phone without breaking the purse. The phone is decent in day-to-day tasks and can handle decent photography and videography interests. The phone’s performance is quite good but the handling of the gaming side would not be that much suitable in higher graphical modes.


OS and UI
Rear Camera
Front camera
Audio and Video
Battery and Charging

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Samsung Galaxy A05 has been emerging as one of the best phones under Rs 15,000 in the Nepali market. The new Galaxy A series has geared up its display and camera abilities in the newer variants and it's good to see in 2024. The...Samsung Galaxy A05 Full Review: Best Under Budget?