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Top 3 Antivirus Apps For Android Devices


Got a new android smartphone? Or have it already? If you are looking for the best antivirus apps for your android devices to keep it safe from different malware. Than here are some basic tips and top 3 list of antivirus apps which actually works to keep your android devices safe. But first, here are some few basic steps which you can apply to keep your android device safe from malwares:

1) Do not download any application from third party website or apps store.

2) Upgrade your android operating system to its latest version.

3) Do not connect your android devices with public computers. For examples: Cyber, School, College, etc.

4) Use Chrome browser as a default browser. It will warn you which website is safe to use and which one in not.

Top 3 Antivirus Apps For Android:

1)360 Mobile Security:

This app has the highest detection rate, coming in at 99.9%. It is fast, lightweight, uses less RAM and well designed. It allows you to perform virus scans, vulnerability scans, trash cleanups and memory optimization quickly and easily with just one tap.

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2) Avast!:

I don’t need to introduce this app. This is the most popular free desktop antivirus software which also has an excellent Android app. Avast can protect your devices from malware by scanning apps, URLs and internal memory. It has also got a nice feature called find my device, which helps you to find your device if it is lost or stole.

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3) Lookout Security & Antivirus:

Lookout is a great app which has been around forever. Lookout detection rate for malicious apps is 99.4% accurate. Which makes this app worth to install in android devices. Like the others, this apps has helps you to protect your devices from software malware to stealing your devices.

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So which antivirus is protecting your android devices? Please let us know 🙂



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