best e-learning apps in nepal

Top 5 Educational Apps for E-learning in Nepal

The year 2020 and 2021 have changed the education system very much. As the COVID-19 was unstoppable in the past 2 years, the schools and colleges have adopted online classes. This was quite a challenge for the students to study as it created many problems for those who don’t have access to the internet. It has been quite hard for the young ones as it is quite hard to learn in online classes. So, keeping that in mind, we have come up with some useful E-learning apps.

Best E-learning Apps in Nepal:

1. KULLABS SmartSchool V2:

This app was designed to help the users of  Kullabs’ key goal is to make knowledge accessible to everyone.  The app provides knowledge for students of grades 6 to grade 12. With the belief of users and teachers, this app is the number one E-learning app in Nepal. The app provides solved exercises for the specific topic for the students along with notes and practice Test sessions for every topic. 

It also allows teachers to make their own questions for the students and allows them to create their own practice Test sessions for every e-learning apps in nepal

2. Merostudy: is Nepal’s top educational mobile app and web portal that brings content from the entire educational sector of Nepal. The app tries its best to provide the best learning process with suitable topics for the children. Merostudy gives instant notification and updates of results, notices, NEWS, and information published by TU, NEB, SEE, PU, KU, LokSewa, and many more. The main motive of this app is to keep the students up to date with the latest information and educational news.

best e-learning apps in nepal

3. My Second Teacher:

My Second Teacher is the award-winning educational app of 2020. The platform includes student-teacher dialogue-based videos to explain even the most difficult concepts in an easy-to-understand manner. You can even pause those videos and rewind them to rewatch them. The app gives a more engaging, intuitive, and fun way of learning for everyone. In addition, My Second Teacher is available as an Android and iOS app too.

best e-learning apps in nepal

4. E-Pustakalaya:

E-Pustakalaya is an education-focused free, and open digital library. The app contains thousands of books, educational videos, audiobooks, reference materials, and interactive learning software. It provides free and easy access to age-appropriate books that help improve children’s reading skills and develop a reading culture in schools. Further, it allows teachers to select subjects to teach their children. Lastly, you can get this app free on the play store.

best e-learning apps in nepal

5. Neema Academy

Neema Academy is an E-learning platform that was developed back in 2018 to upgrade the education system. It introduces blended learning technology, providing theoretical knowledge with practical and example-based content. It includes courses from elementary to secondary school. The platform includes 40 games that are both interactive and educational, which may help a student be interactive and social.

best e-learning apps in nepal