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Oppo Announced the Launching of A77 and A57 Smartphones in Nepal.


Oppo is one of the leading global smartphone brands. Since the launch of its first mobile phone “Smiley faces” back in 2008. Oppo has been in relentless pursuit of the perfect synergy of aesthetic satisfaction and innovative technology. In this article, we will talk about the launch of the Oppo A77 and Oppo A57 smartphones. With the launch date and availability of these two smartphones in Nepal.


Firstly of all talking about the launch of the Oppo A57 and Oppo A77. It has been announced that it will be coming soon in the Nepali market. The phone is specially targeted to compete in a budget with a mid-level smartphone. Moreover, according to Oppo, these two are entry-level smartphones by Oppo.


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The Oppo A77 and A57 will feature a long battery life, fast charging, and enduring quality. The smartphone will have immersive entertainment, a premium appearance, and excellent photography. Whereas looking into the improvement on these series over the previous generation. The smartphone will feature a premium 2D design and a trickle-down technology from a flagship model. As they claim these are only the phones available in the market to feature 33W fast charging and a dual speaker.

Oppo A77 and A57 4G Price in Nepal, Availability

Although the company has announced the launch of the Oppo two-series smartphones officially. The company hasn’t provided a specific time for the launch of Oppo A77 and Oppo A57 in Nepal. Oppo will be soon rolling out the phone’s major specifications and pricing through its social media. So stay updated with our website for the pricing of the smartphones.


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