Best Photo Editor App for smartphone

Snapseed – Is this the Best Photo Editing App For your Smartphone?

Mobile Photography has taken a giant leap and computational photography has made smartphones a power tool for taking quick and quality shots. Even after all those years of improvement, we do need some post-processing from our side too.

Nowadays smartphones can capture all those DNG RAW and HDR images and not every photo editing app can make use of all this information. In the field of photography, post-processing has an equally important role. Editing a photo can give it an entirely new look and add new life and meaning to a dry photo.

If you are into smartphone photography then you should definitely give Snapseed a try. Besides Snapseed there is another Powerful editor too like Adobe Lightroom and Pics Art but they contain some kind of in-app purchases and are not completely free to use there all features.

So as we are talking about the best free photo editor, let’s take a look at Snapseed.


Here we have Google’s Snapseed. This app is managed by Google LLC for both android and iOS. It is available in Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store for FREE to install and has 100 million+ installs in both Android and iOS devices.

Best Photo Editor App for smartphone
Best Photo Editor App for smartphone

It also has a rating of 4.6 among 5 in both the stores. The reason for the popularity of this app among the user is it is easy to use interface and no requirement of in-app purchases for accessing all features. Snapseed app offers 29 tools and features including exposure control and HDR effects with support for RAW editing. You can edit DNG RAW and export it into JPEG and PNG. RAW editing is quite tough but if you can edit a RAW picture then you can extract a lot from the picture. Keeping the RAW aside for a Moment let’s check out some other feature which this app offers :

  • Tune Image: Using this tool you can adjust exposure and color with precision for a quick edit.
  • Details: Details tool can help to bring up surface structures and sharpness on a scale of 100 for a more dramatic effect on photos.
  • Crop, Rotate, and Perspective: These features are self-explanatory with there names as they let you crop, rotate, and adjust the perspective of an Image.
  • White Balance: It lets you adjust the white balance both automatically and even manually using selective Temperature and Tint.
  • Brush: Brush tool lets you retouch the exposure, saturation, brightness, and warmth at six different levels.
  • Selective: This one is quite interesting, it gives you a precise point with a small radius around it. It lets you trigger the Brightness, Structure, Contrast, and Saturation.
  • Healing: Ever had a moment when you had a nice picture but you wish you could remove something from it for the social media upload, if yes then this tool could help you to do that.
  • HDR Scape: Using HDR scape you can bring the stunning look of multiple exposures with just one click. This gives you four different presets as NATURE, PEOPLE, FINE, and STRONG. You can adjust those presets along to your own liking.
  • Glamour Glow: This one is for those lite editors who want quick edit with a bright image as a result. Here to you get 5 different presets and you can adjust them on your own.
  • Tonal Contrast: If you have a picture with lots of shadows and highlights and you want to preserve those details use this tool and here you can even adjust the High and Mid tones which quite use full in landscape shots.
  • Drama: Talking about my opinion I don’t use this one much but you can give it a try to tweak the look at one click.
  • Vintage: As in its name this tool has almost 12 vintage look filters and even in them you can add adjustment in Brightness, Saturation, and Vintage strength.
  • Grainy film, Retrolux, Grunge, and Noir: These tools are mostly filter-based and they let you tinker a bit on those pre-made filters to add Grainy look to your pictures along with some retro and strong rough Grunge look.
  • Portrait: If you have a Portrait picture and want to have some snapseed magic in it, this tool gives you the option to choose among the 10 presets and even edit them preciously with features like Face Spotlight, Skin Smoothing, and even an Eye Clarity tool.
  • Head Pose: This one uses some 3D effect and lets you adjust your Head position along with your Pupil size, Smile, and even the Focal length of your face. This one comes quite handy in those social media DP’s.
  • Lense Blur: Ever looked at those High-End DSLR shots and wish you could also get the same bokeh in your smartphone even without a Portrait Mode shot, while this tool lets you add those beauty-full background blur and using a brush you can improve the edges for a more profound look.
  • Vignette: Vignette lets you add those dark or bright effects around the corner of your picture making them perfect for your Instagram post.
  • Double Exposure: This is a feature which should dissever a separate article but long story short this lets you add and blend two different pictures with various different mode and is capable of producing extraordinary digital art.
  • Text and Frame: These are self-explanatory features. Text lets you add a different kind of text as overlays above your picture which helps to make a pooping thumbnail for Youtube.
Best Photo Editor App for smartphone
Best Photo Editor App for smartphone

Snapseed is a great tool for both easy and powerful editing. There are various apps from Adobe too, for the smartphones but they required some kind on in-app purchases here and there. Here price can range from $1.2 to $350 per item on the android side.
So due to these features and reasons, we consider Snapseed to be the best free photo editor for the Smart Phones.
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Here are some few Pictures Edited using Snapseed..

Best Photo Editor App For Android Best Photo Editor App For Android Best Photo Editor App For Android