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Top 5 Best Free Photo Editing Apps


With so many options to choose from, editing your pictures for the best look has never been this easy. There are lots of apps with quality features for professionals as well as beginners. Don’t know which to choose from?? In this article, we will talk about the top 5 best free photo editing apps. With our recommendations for the most popular apps with quality features.

Best Free Photo Editing Apps:

1) Picsart

This user-friendly app helps you edit with a hassle-free interface with basic tools. The user-friendly interface lets you modify your pictures easily with various features, effects, and overlays to play with. This app is free and has compatibility for both ios as well as android users. It’s simple, however, the premium subscription comes along with the price.

photo editing app Picsart


  1. It’s Simple to use for beginners, with its free-to-use content and variety of editing tools.
  2. The facility to Work on several projects and accurately organize your project files and assets is available.
  3. The effects menu provides picture effect options like crop, resize, flip/rotate, and enhance photos.
  4. It provides more than 1k+ templates, with unique fonts and text designs for photo design requirements.

2) Snapseed

This Snapseed app developed by google is a simplistic tool that allows you to edit photos. With its professional editing tools that could be a bit hectic for beginners, this app could be a choice for casual photographers. This app also includes RAW image quality and is available for ios and android. This app is absolutely free and has ads pop up or upgrades on control.

Photo editing app Snapseed


  1. Professional editing tools up to 29 tools, like retro lux, portrait, lens blur, frames, curves, crop, brush e.t.c for picture-perfect edits
  2. Edit photos including RAW and JPEG formats.
  3. Advanced editing techniques like Bokeh with Snapseed’s lens blur tool.
  4. Allows access to pictures for revising, undoing, and re-editing. 

3. Pixlr

Photo editing app pixlr

This online app offers a variety of features for photo editing, animation, and designing. This app is a free app, but also has a premium version that removes ads along with more features. This app is also available for both android and ios users. Simple and easy to use, this app is beginner friendly and creates high-quality visual products. 


  1. There are editing tools for free, including crop, rotate, colors, and brightness adjustments, along with special effects like selective blur and spot color. 
  2. Thousands of selective designing templates, for arrangement and collages.
  3.  professional-looking animation presets for different animation styles, design elements and duration
  4. The new photo mash studio claims to make visual assets that automatically remove backgrounds and create images to showcase products or. People. 

4. Photo Director

This popular app allows you to edit your photos with a range of AI-powered effects all in one place. This app is also available for both ios and android users. This also is powered by professional quality tools and advanced editing techniques. So, this app is available for both beginners and advanced learners for the best quality visual assets.

photo editing app  Photo director


  1. Tools like crop and rotate, perspective adjustment, and exposure control — along with special effects like object removal, sky replacement, light rays, and more. 
  2. animation features are also available like Draw motion lines and creating anchor points for a customized animation.
  3. numerous editing filters, texts to add, stickers as well as removing unwanted objects and background changes.

5. Canva

This app is not only popular for its photos, but also allows a variety of graphic designing for creating social media posts, presentations, videos, and many more. This app’s main appeal is its variety of templates and ready-made designs. This simple app allows basic editing for aesthetic visuals and is free. It also has other paid premium versions.

photo editing app canva


  1. Has thousands of templates to choose from, with a variety of designs. 
  2. Effects, filters, and photo effects for photos to give professional-looking aesthetic editing. 
  3. Team folders help you stay organized, store brand assets, and manage content along with features of teamwork  including inviting numerous people 
  4. We can also Plan, create, schedule, and publish your social media posts directly from Canva.

So these were the list of the top 5 best free photo editing apps. If you use any of these apps comment below. If not let us know which app you use for photo editing.

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